Saturday, 26 September 2009

3 hassle-free tips to de-clutter your small things

Quick no-brainer tips how to sort it out:

Notebook Organizer
Organize receipts, lists, and other items in a notebook that can accommodate papers of different sizes. Use whole-puncher to create holes in your items. Then, attach the items to plastic disks (these are the bits that make up the spine of your notebook). Create numerous sections for your different activities.

Points Card Organizer (Tesco Clubcard, Nectar and so on)
One way to quickly and easily organize these cards is to place all of them on a ring. Simply punch a hole in each card and add it to the ring. Try to punch all of your cards in the same spot to make identifying them easy.

Earring Organizer
Do you ever find that your earrings turn into an unmanageable jumble? Here's a simple solution: Place small cups (i.e. Japanese sake cups) on a tray, and place a pair of earrings in each cup. This method makes organizing earrings easy and attractive.


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