Friday, 27 November 2009

Hassle 3 guide to stylish Christmas gifts for under a tenner

It is the time of the year to be thoughtful yet thrifty, not to remortgage your home on iPhones, X-boxes and that Prada shoes. The fact is, a tenner and a bit of imagination can go a long way with these simple ideas.

Velvet Beauty Bag
A lovely gift for a BFF or A-list auntie, this velvet bag looks and feels decidedly opulent. Perfect for make-up, jewellery or (whisper it....) love letters. Velvet beauty bag, £8, Cox and Cox.

Scented soy candles
These mandarin scented soy candles in recycled glass bottles are a lovely gift for winter. Simple but gorgeous, the beauty of soy is that it's virtally smoke and soot-free. Recycled glass soy candles, £4, ECOutlet.

Fig bar soap
Imagine a countryside walk with the Mediterranean sun on your back - this fig-scented soap will take you there. Triple milled with palm and almond oils, it gives a luxurious lather and offers a long-lasting fragrance. Fig bar soap by Côté Bastide, £8, Bodie and Fou.
Pinhole camera kit
Great for big kids and little kids alike, go back to basics and explore how a tiny pin hole refracts and captures light rays to produce real photos. Genius stuff. Pinhole camera kit by Ridleys, £9, Breeze.

Cocktail shaker
No booze cupboard is complete without a cocktail shaker, and in fire engine red, this one makes for a stylish departure from the classic stainless steel. Cosmopolitans all round? Red cocktail shaker, £9.99, Drinkstuff.

Change The World notebook
Now that's a mission statement. Perfect for big thinkers with even bigger strategies. Change The World notebook, £7, Beautiful Things.

Apple feeder
Although it's 95p over budget, we couldn't resist giving it a place on our list. This chic apple feeder can be hung from branch, hedge or hook and will help our feathered friends get through the winter. Apple feeder, £10.95, Lily and Lime.

Friendship birds
Made from weathered metal, these two birds make a beautiful and thoughtful gift. Give one to someone special and keep the other as proof of an enduring friendship. Friendship birds, £9, Cox and Cox.

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