Saturday, 20 March 2010

Tips how to organize a coat wardrobe

Spring has arrived! Now it is great time to take your storage to new levels. If you install shelves near the base of your closet, you'll no longer have to rifle through items strewn across the floor!

If it is a shared wardrobe, each family member can have his or her own basket for hats and scarves. You can line the lower shelf with shoes. For dog toys, tennis balls, etc you can tuck boxes underneath.If you leave a foot of space between shelves and the door frame, you'll have room for boots and a metal basket for umbrellas. Long hooks fixed on the inside of the doors will keep handbags neat. When you hang an acrylic organizer on the door it will ensure essentials, such as a wallet and sunglasses, are easily accessible. A mirror allows for a final once-over check on the way out.

Simple. Try it with your wardrobe and you will see how much easier it gets.

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