Thursday, 23 July 2009

Why hire a Personal Assistant?

To some people hiring a personal assistant seems like a luxury when they first consider it, especially during the global financial crisis. But the return can be far greater than the investment.

Here is an example of the customer I worked with.

Three months after having her second baby my client returned to work part-time and decided to put family house on the market. She surely needed help during this particularly hectic period.

At first she felt embarrassed to invite me, a stranger, to the physical chaos of their home but because I approached her with professionalism and politeness, her dignity was left intact.

In a relatively short time, I helped her to convert finished attic from a storage space crammed with junk into a beautiful and functional home office. This has allowed her to work from home and has eased her transition from maternity leave back into professional life. In addition, when estate agents came to value the house they mentioned that the room we had rescued together would be especially appealing to potential buyers.

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